Jim Alexander

Film Critic @ Rotten Tomatoes

Film Panel (04/10/2018 09:00am – 10: 30am, 10:45am – 12:15pm)

Jim Alexander is a Chicago based film critic. He’s the founder and director of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle. He’s also the founder and site manager of ReelTalker.com. His film reviews have been featured on Rotten Tomatoes.

Jim has interviewed over 150 actors, directors, writers and athletes. He’s covered numerous comic cons and film premieres.

Aside from his love for film, Jim is passionate about animals. He also enjoys to perform improv and act.

“My favorite part of being a film critic is discovering movies that people may not have not been exposed to and having the opportunity to tell moviegoers about it. I also love to talk and interact with creative people behind these movies.”